When was the last time you got your car checked and repaired by a professional? Do you keep your service checkup receipts saved? Can you say that your car is in the most optimum condition? 

Learn the different ways your car speaks to you. Keep reading...

When Does Your Car Require Repairs?

1. Dashboard flashing light>

Just like your smartphone comes with a diagnostic application that informs you if you have low battery, full storage space, and heating issues; similarly, cars have performance indicators that show up on the car's dashboard monitor.

An illuminated check engine light may not cause your car to fail on you in the middle of your journey. However, you should certainly not take it lightly. This is an indicator that you should have your engine checked by a certified service technician, such as the ones working with John L. Smith.

There are several issues that could be causing this problem such as damaged catalytic converter, emission problems, empty radiator coolant tank, thick engine oil, and dust in the fuel pipe to name a few.

A technician will inspect the engine, understand the root of the problem, and fix it accordingly.

2. Sensitive brakes

Brakes have evolved over the past few years. With the latest advancements in braking technology, the driver can feel the brake being applied. We call it responsive brakes. We find it in all major car manufacturers today.

Technologies such as the anti-lock braking system and collision avoidance system boost the performance of your car. Brakes have become an important aspect of your engine performance.

Since braking has become a sensitive component of your whole driving experience, it should be smooth, clean, and responsive. If not, you should visit an auto repair center in West Chester, PA for brake repairs.

3. Squeaking noise

Do you hear a high-pitched noise while braking or shifting gears or while turning the ignition key? If yes, you should get it checked immediately before it becomes a huge concern for you.

Squeaking noise is a major indication that your vehicle’s engine belt is wearing off. Additionally, you should replace the power steering fluid that’s adding to the noise. Tire rotation and repairs are significant to lessen the squeaking.

4. Smoke from bonnet

Overheating is a major problem with radiators. If you don’t have the habit of checking coolant levels in your car, you’re going to face overheating issues at some point soon.

Please don’t be afraid of smoke peeping out of your bonnet. There’s no immediate threat to you or your car but you must maintain your distance and stay away from any metallic objects. In times like this, ensure you first check your temperature gauge, pull over at a safe distance and then wait for your car to cool down.

You can observe different smoke colors depending upon the severity of the situation. If the smoke is white, it’s steam. If the smoke’s blue in color, get your car towed by a nearby service station.

Blue smoke indicates damaged piston rings and valve seals, and worn engine oil seals, among other reasons. However, the most common reasons are oil leaks and oil burns, which can be dangerous.

5.Unseen leaks

We saw that bonnet smoke is a result of leaks. Any kind of leaks needs immediate attention from a professional. There are certain leaks in your car that can’t be identified as soon as they break open but they leave a trail of repeated spills that can be traced to their origin.

When you drive, your car moves and certain dark-colored stains from oil, exhaust pipes, and brake fluid may spill out. If you observe such stains, have your car checked at your nearest auto repair shop.

6. Strange vibrations

When you drive daily, you can observe even tiny vibrations that are new to your car. Only what matters is if you care to resolve them or ignore them.

Vibrations can occur due to a dozen of different components. Some include worn tires, damaged wheel alignment, misaligned brake pads, low fluid shock absorbers, suspension issues, and low oil steering system.

We advise you not to sleep on such strange vibrations as they may cause big trouble ahead. These vibrations may be brief in the start but could cause damage to other car components, if ignored for too long.

7. Smoke from exhaust

Smoke is bad for your car whether it’s coming from your hood or your exhaust. You may even be able to smell burning oil when your exhaust smokes up. Now, please do not panic.

This smoke is an indication of transmission fluid issues or a burning coolant. You will most likely smell burned oil. If you notice white smoke from your exhaust along with a sweet smell, it means you have an issue with your coolant.

Your mechanic will be able to tell if it’s due to a crack in the cylinder head or a leaky head gasket. Remember white smoke isn’t an issue unless it’s excessive. However, if you observe dark black residue near the bumper area above your exhaust, get help from your auto repair expert right away.

8. Engine stalls

You might have experienced engine stalling many times in your daily schedule. And how often have you put it off just as another minor issue, assuming it will disappear in no time. However, you don’t realize that stalling is not an issue but a sign that your car is in dire need of repair.

One easy sign for engine repair is uneasy gear shifts. It keeps you confused if you have got the wrong gear. No, you’re not a bad driver, it’s just that your car needs some maintenance.

Your engine also stalls when you have damaged spark plugs, reduced coolant levels of radiator, and clogged fuel pipes. So, it’s best to have it checked by an expert.

9. Reduced Fuel efficiency

The first thing that’s going to take a major hit because of lack of auto repairs is your fuel efficiency. Your engine efficiency decreases with time. That is why regular car maintenance is crucial.

Regular service check and performance maintenance helps keep your engine in tune and increases your car’s lifespan. If you experience lower miles per gallon fuel, you need to service your vehicle before it’s too late.

10. Lower driving comfort

Remember when you first drove your vehicle out of the showroom? How smoothly you turned through the curves and bends and how it roared the streets with all its might! Yes, this is your car.

If you don’t feel the same level of comfort sitting in your car, you need to do something about it. If speed bumps are now giving you a backache, and if your tires screech while manouvering, it’s time for a car tuneup.

Screeching sounds could be a sign of suspension losing lubrication, low power-steering fluid and friction between the steering wheel housing and interior trim.

These issues must be fixed by the earliest, as you deserve a smooth driving experience without any hiccups. Why John L. Smith?

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