There are so many decisions to make when purchasing a car in Philadelphia. It can truly make your head spin. Along with choosing the style of vehicle you prefer; you may also struggle with whether to buy new or used. Each offers its own merits, depending on your lifestyle, financial situation, and goals. However, here at John L Smith Used Cars, we find that many customers, from Coatesville to Downingtown, underestimate just what a wise financial decision it can be to choose a pre-owned model. Check out these benefits of buying a used car if you need some help making your decision.


You can buy a gently used pre-owned model for significantly less money than you would spend on a similar new vehicle in Exton. Used cars have experienced the bulk of depreciation, which is the percentage a vehicle loses in value each year. It makes good financial sense to avoid such a drop in value. Much of our inventory consists of certified pre-owned models, so you get even more value out of your used car purchase.


Speaking of value, you can usually get much more for your money when you look at pre-owned vehicles. Your budget will simply go further, and you can count on the ability to afford more features and upgrades than you could afford in a brand new model.


There are more vehicles to choose from when you allow yourself to look at inventory from past model years. This opens up your selection of color, body style, engine, drivetrains, and more. Why limit yourself to just one year's inventory?

As you can see, there is a wide assortment of advantages to buying a used car. We recommend you visit us in West Chester, PA, to look at our entire used inventory and talk to our finance team about your best buying options. Feel free to see our website for more details or to give us a call with your questions. We look forward to serving you.

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