Buying a car is always an exciting experience and taking the test drive is just as exciting. The anticipation of choosing the right one is enough to bring even the most experienced car buyer joy. So, when you select John L. Smith Used Cars to buy your next used car in Chester County, PA, we want to ensure you get the most out of your test drive.

Assess the Comfort Features and How They'll Accommodate You

The test drive is your first opportunity to get familiar with the car you'll be driving around Exton for many years. For starters, you should look for comfort. Assess the head, neck, and shoulder room to ensure it's not restrictive in any way. And be sure to adjust the seat specifically to your satisfaction and comfort level. A common mistake that some car buyers make during the test drive is not taking full advantage of the opportunity. Treat the car as if it is already yours. And don't hold back from making any adjustments that you would otherwise do, including the mirrors and steering wheel. Also, sit in the passenger area and make sure it meets your expectations for their comfort level.

Choose a Familiar Route for Your Test Drive

Take your test drive on the type of highway, local streets, or another route you typically drive. While most dealerships have a suggested route because of convenience and reliability, you won't be obligated to use a pre-determined route. Also, remember to parallel park so you know how the car handles and if anything may interfere with your ability to park before you make your final selection. While taking your test drive, stay in the moment and wait until you get back to the dealership to discuss payments, financing, and other practical matters. The test drive is all about learning as much about the car as you can so you know you can drive through Downingtown with confidence.

Visit John L. Smith near West Chester, Coatesville, and Philadelphia, for a test drive of any used car. Contact our sales staff with any questions about how to get the most out of your test drive.

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